Adib is a popular YouTuber with a subscriber count of 577K. Known for his entertaining content, Adib has gained a significant following on the platform. With 229.9K views on average per video, it’s clear that his audience is highly engaged and appreciates the content he produces. Adib’s channel covers a range of topics, from vlogs and challenges to comedy sketches and reaction videos. His diverse content keeps his viewers entertained and coming back for more.One of the standout features of Adib’s channel is the impressive number of likes he receives on his videos. With an average of 14.1K likes per video, it’s evident that his content resonates well with his audience. Adib’s ability to create videos that are both entertaining and relatable has helped him build a strong and supportive community on YouTube. His viewers appreciate his authenticity and find his videos enjoyable to watch.In addition to his subscriber count and views, Adib’s engagement rate is also worth noting. With an average of 1.3K comments per video, it’s clear that his audience actively interacts with his content. Adib takes the time to respond to comments and engage with his viewers, further strengthening the bond he has with his audience. This level of engagement not only demonstrates Adib’s dedication to his viewers but also highlights the genuine connection he has with his fan base.

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