Daily Mail

One popular YouTuber in the news and politics category is Daily Mail. With a subscriber count of 2.6 million, this channel provides viewers with a wide range of news content. Daily Mail covers various topics, including current events, politics, and trending news stories. They consistently upload videos, keeping their audience informed and engaged.With 18.3K likes and 170 dislikes on their videos, Daily Mail has a strong following that appreciates their content. Their videos often generate discussions and debates in the comments section, showcasing the engagement of their viewers. This level of interaction indicates that the channel is successful in creating content that resonates with their audience and encourages them to participate.Daily Mail’s videos have an average of 43 comments, further illustrating the active community surrounding the channel. This engagement suggests that viewers not only watch the videos but also actively participate in discussions and share their opinions. The channel’s ability to foster a community of engaged viewers is a testament to their content quality and their ability to spark conversations around important news and political topics.

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