Bgkrasi, also known as KRASI, is a popular YouTuber who specializes in creating tutorials, tricks, and skills videos for the game FIFA 23. With a subscriber count of over 580.6K and an average of 6.7K views per video, it’s clear that KRASI has gained a significant following in the gaming community. His videos provide valuable insights and techniques to help players improve their gameplay and excel in FIFA 23.One of the key reasons for KRASI’s popularity is his ability to break down complex gameplay mechanics into easy-to-understand tutorials. Whether it’s mastering skill moves, understanding tactics, or improving shooting accuracy, KRASI covers a wide range of topics that cater to both beginner and experienced players. His videos are well-structured and visually appealing, making it easier for viewers to follow along and implement his tips in their own gameplay.In addition to tutorials, KRASI also showcases impressive tricks and skills that can be used to outsmart opponents in FIFA 23. His videos often feature jaw-dropping goals, incredible dribbling techniques, and creative strategies that leave viewers inspired and eager to try them out for themselves. KRASI’s passion for the game shines through in his videos, making them not only informative but also entertaining to watch. Overall, KRASI’s channel is a must-watch for any FIFA 23 enthusiast looking to enhance their skills and take their gameplay to the next level.

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