Rob Rides EMTB

Rob Rides EMTB is a popular sports YouTuber with a subscriber count of 263.2K. Known for his love of electric mountain bikes (EMTBs), Rob’s channel is a go-to destination for all things related to this exciting sport. With 209.8K views on average per video, it’s clear that his content resonates with his audience.One of the standout features of Rob’s channel is his in-depth knowledge and expertise in the world of EMTBs. He takes his viewers along on thrilling rides, sharing tips, tricks, and reviews along the way. With 5.4K likes per video, it’s evident that his content is well-received by his dedicated fanbase.Rob’s passion for EMTBs shines through in his videos, making them both informative and entertaining. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner looking to get into the sport, Rob’s channel offers something for everyone. With 102 videos and counting, there’s no shortage of content to keep you engaged and inspired to hit the trails.

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