Squidge Rugby

SquidgeRugby is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to all things rugby. With over 221K subscribers and 138K views, this channel has gained quite a following in the sports community. The creator behind SquidgeRugby, known as Squidge, provides insightful and entertaining analysis of rugby matches, players, and tactics.One of the reasons why SquidgeRugby stands out is the unique approach taken by the creator. Rather than simply providing a play-by-play breakdown of matches, Squidge offers a more in-depth analysis that goes beyond what meets the eye. His videos are filled with witty commentary, clever observations, and a deep understanding of the game. This approach has resonated with rugby fans, who appreciate the fresh perspective and engaging content.In addition to match analysis, SquidgeRugby also features videos on various rugby-related topics. From historical moments in the sport to interviews with players and coaches, Squidge covers a wide range of subjects that appeal to both casual viewers and die-hard rugby enthusiasts. With an average of 3.5K likes per video, it is clear that SquidgeRugby has struck a chord with its audience and continues to provide valuable and entertaining content for rugby fans around the world.

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