The KERN Family

TheKernFamily_ is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on daily vlogs. With a subscriber count of 1.2 million, this channel has gained a significant following. The family behind the channel, known as the KERN Family, shares their daily lives, adventures, and experiences with their audience. From documenting their travels to showcasing their daily routines, viewers get a glimpse into the lives of this entertaining family.TheKernFamily_ has also managed to amass an impressive number of views on their videos, with an average of 1.4 thousand views per video. This indicates that their content resonates well with their audience, as they consistently receive a high number of views. It is clear that the KERN Family has a knack for creating engaging and entertaining vlogs that keep viewers coming back for more.With 59 videos on their channel, TheKernFamily_ has established a consistent uploading schedule. This regularity in content creation allows their subscribers to have a steady stream of videos to enjoy. Whether it’s watching their family adventures or getting a glimpse into their daily lives, viewers can rely on TheKernFamily_ to provide them with new and exciting content on a regular basis.

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